Forbes Gazda

FORBES: "Fortunately,many people at home understand that there is a serious market for unique, high-quality vegetables. Brigitta Nagy, founder of few years ago, he worked as an accountant, but her job behind the original - live side - he worked as a gardener. On the deck of a boat to douse flowers Budapest restaurant when the chef asked if he might not want to seriously deal with the plants. Investigation began, planted, picked, knocked, sold, chefs are discovered. Today, about 25 - including several Michelin star - place to deliver the edible flowers, leaves and sprouts. Each tray to be checked, three times as many non-perfect deemed as the product is finally delivered, but worth it: the company has grown in a few months, we have applied and overall better looking than a bookkeeper Assistant. Today, in addition to the chicken paprika yarrow, and a nasturtium cress also might notice a plate of food, the market is thus given." 
"For years, I will have to find new plants."